DIY Tri-Color Glitter Vase

I received a plain glass vase at my Master of Architecture graduation ceremony more than six months ago; it’s one of those flimsy things that comes with the purchase of a bouquet at the grocery store. I don’t use it often, so when I saw this blog post on Pinterest I finally knew what I would do with the vase.

I followed the instructions in this post. However, I added more lines of tape to create geometric forms that I could fill with different colors of glitter. I avoided perfect horizontals and verticals, and instead let the curves of the vase determine the flow of the tape on the vase.

I found that I had to apply two layers in order to get an even coat of glitter. I waited until the first coat of mod podge had dried completely before adding a second coat.

I had black, green, and white glitter leftover from some previous projects. I decided that I wanted the vase to be primarily black and white glitter, with green glitter accents. Here’s the vase, with two coats of glitter and mod podge, ready to be untaped:

And here is the final result. What do you guys think?